History and Overview:

“Pen is mightier than the sword” reads a famous adage. We, Writing-Counseling Services (shortly called WRICO) a Delhi (India) based writing and counseling company believe in the importance of writing and call on to commit expertise in the kind of work we deliver to our clients. WRICO Services is a sole proprietorship at present. The organization was started in January 2008 by founder Shalini Jyothi (21 year experience) with co-founders Ritesh Bansal (9 year experience) . We are a web based solution company. We want to reach out to millions of people via our services – writing and counseling and internet being the best way to achieve this; we chose to serve online. We deal with myriads of sectors like travel, IT, hospitality, education, healthcare, trade, real estate, internet, finance and more.


Manifold activities have changed with time but the above maxim still remains a cliché. Nothing has had a greater impact on mankind more than writer’s writing. Our company has a handful of such skilled professionals to spur content to our clients. WRICO services have earned a good response from all around the world so far and bags a handsome number of projects. We are glad to hear from so many people and we promise to keep our services going the same way. Our vision is to help the world occupants with appropriate knowledge through our content and advise them to find solace with themselves via our counseling services.

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