Our Services

Proofreading & Copy editing: Wanna get rid of editing grammar and spelling mistakes? Just don’t ponder upon it. Writing-Counseling is here to do the needful for you. We examine your writings thoroughly and edit it with fresh content rendering you with an error free and efficient write-up. We preserve confidentiality of your documents. Our plump of writers have sufficient skills to enhance your work. They make necessary amendments to clear any cumbersome statements or even if need arises replenish an entirely new statement. Every piece of document you send is edited in a manner it deserves. What are you waiting for then? Just send your documents to us and we will do eagle-eyed proofreading for any errors and copyediting to transform your text into smooth content at a reasonable cost.

SEO Content Writing: Writing-counseling is into writing articles that are 100% original and worth your money and bears no resemblance with the content of other sites. We give you the unique content that helps you achieve better results. This helps you to get rewarded by Google’s search engine which would top your document in its search results. We carry out a holistic variety of SEO writing for instance article writing, content writing, social bookmarking, article submission, press release submission, search engine optimization, forum posting, blog writing and a lot more. In the past also, we have created amazing results for our clients. We believe in making our clients happy and until our client isn’t satisfied we review her/his articles and are open to making alterations.

Business Writing: To get into a business deal is a big thing and even more bigger is to get the proposal accepted. It is a one time opportunity! And no one wants to lose on it. Contact us and we will make sure you get your proposal written in a correct format. We will help you take better decisions in a short time. So don’t struggle with a tricky business letter! Just get it to us.

Web Content Writing: Words are powerful entities which can make or mar your thoughts! A website needs to be attractive and informative. A rich-content website can invite good traffic. This is what we do for our clients who ask us to spur content for them. We provide web content services at a competitive price. We know the fact that misleading information can harm to our readers and so take special endeavours to check the validity of statements we deliver in the website. Our content developers deploy simple language which people can comprehend with ease. Our specialized content writers assist you in locating the right equilibrium between search engine optimization (SEO) and making web content decipherable.

Ghost Writing: If you are whirling with ideas in your mind, but tremble to put it in soothing words then we can lower your burden of expressing your words by our writing. Our ghost writers can adapt easily to your styles of portraying a write-up like a chameleon adapts to his vicinity! We write for you a multitude of write-ups ranging from hilarious to formal to motivational and so on. The more the details you give in the better results we will deliver. We can help you with illustrations, short anecdotes, etc. if you find difficulty to cope up with them.

Creative Writing: “Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea”. But our writers are well versed in high quality creative writing.

! Captivating words
! Guaranteed satisfaction
! Cutthroat rates
! Originality in creativity

Articles & Blog Writing: Well! Articles and Blogs are just too happening these days. Almost every individual who loves writing possess one. It’s fun! It’s easy! But getting the traffic to your website would be a tedious task for you. Here, at Wrico we provide a blog and article writing services to draw the traffic allowing you to do good business. We provide a blog post everyday for you and get consideration for your blog. Blogging and writing articles really helps in marketing your services/products. We help you expand your web presence and fill any void, if present, in your marketing strategies. Stay fresh, stay connected to your business with our article and blog services!

Travel Writing: Before visiting any place, hotel or any other public destinations, one wants to know about its reviews. Also many people are passionate to learn about exciting destinations in India and abroad. Such people read about travel places and its reviews online. Out writers provide informational articles about various tourist places which have a touch of well researched information or sometimes their personal experiences. This kind of experience engrosses you in a culture in a way that measly travel cannot. It conditions you to interrelate with folks, even if you don’t completely recognize their tongue or customs.

Travel writing involves:
! Travel reviews
! Travelogues

Technical Writing: “Technology is everywhere round us”. From a simple zip of our attires to huge machines all are a part of technology! Technical writing is in demand these days. So we also extend writing services in the field of technology. Technical writers involve themselves in “how-to-do” manuals, reference guides and corporate reports. The upcoming of new technologies and trends prompts us to indulge in technical writings.

Reviews Writing: Reviews are meant to be pertaining to reality as it influences the readers choices to a great extend.

We deal with:
! Hotel/restaurant review
! Book review
! Movie review
! School/college review
! Gadget review and much more

We do a lot of research by surfing on net, via blogs and also get comments from people. All our reviews have authentic endorsement and are footed on opinions of a global society.