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<h1>Content Writing For Good Career</h1>

Content Writing For Good Career

Are you willing to explore your career as a blogger or content writer? If yes, it is essential for you to give some time to know a few essential tips to achieve success as a freelance content writer. Based on my experience as a senior content writer, I want to share a few of the essential points to keep in mind while the content writing of any type.

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    Grab a Few of the Basic Skills for Content Writing

    Whether you choose to write web contents, blogs, testimonials, product reviews, product descriptions, Press Releases or newsletters, I suggest you develop a certain skill set, which are-

    Writing skills

    One of my strong reasons behind success in the field of content writing is that I always put effort to develop writing skills to share informative and unique information with the readers. Simultaneously, I focused on sharing information in a simple language and in a readable way, so that every time a reader sees my published article, he or she shows interest to read it with huge curiosity. 

    Research skills

    When you do refined research, you will expect to get many relevant matters to write well-informative content. Until now, I have written on different niches, especially mobile apps and health-fitness. However, irrespective of the niche I choose to write, I always give some time to study the matters written in at least 4 to 5 top websites before preparing my own blog post.


    Even though content writing gives you a lucrative career, in some instances, you may face rejections or reworks from the client’s end. If you want to continue your career, you should stay prepared to accept your clients’ comments and be ready always to make the necessary amendments.


    No one may become a perfect content writer in one day. Instead, you have to maintain consistency in writing content to develop the necessary skills to start making money in the content writing sector. If I talk about my case, I have suffered multiple rejections during the initial few months of my content writing career. However, later on, I managed to make money by writing 2 to 3 low-cost contents in one day. Gradually, I develop my writing skills and expertise to work as a full-time freelance content writer, while writing a combination of medium to high-cost content.

    Points to Remember to Start Writing Contents

    Create a Proper Outline before Writing Anything

    Before you should start with the content writing task, you should make sure to create an outline of whatever you want to write. For instance, if you have to write about the Ketogenic diet, you should prepare 2 to 3 points you should cover. These may be anything among introduction, definition, mechanism, and benefits of the diet in weight loss.

    Later on, you should add subheads and bullets wherever you find it necessary. By creating an outline, I not only succeed to cover the required word count but retain the interest of my readers. Besides, my clients always demand coherent, informative and complete posts. For this, the outline is essential, as it helps me to include everything wanted by my clients.  

    Convey the Messages Easily in Content Writing

    You have to learn the way to convey messages of your client easily in terms of writing. Indeed, you have to take care of grammar and words, but your sentence structure should be simple, readable and easily understandable for the target audience. Especially, you have to avoid overstuffing of keywords or avoid placing keywords forcefully.

    Avoid Using Filler Words as Much as You Can at the time of Content Writing

    As a beginner, I found this step a challenging one, as many times, I got negative comments from clients just because of using filler words. Now, the question is what are filler words? Filler words are very, also, as well, really, very, generally and similar others. You do not need to add such words in your content. To avoid this, I suggest you reading each sentence after you write to identify and remove the extra words before submitting the content to the client or publish online. 

    Always Write Short Paragraphs and Sentences

    Lastly, I always recommend you writing short sentences and paragraphs still. This not only helps you to avoid grammar issues but also let your readers show interest in your information.

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