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<h1>COVID 19 a Bliss or Mess!!!</h1>

COVID 19 a Bliss or Mess!!!

“Corona” name itself is a big mess, scary, irritating, and frustrating, but in one way, this virus has taught many things in our daily life. Are we finding a reason that due to COVID 19, we are not able to get a job or losing one or family issues? Yes, we all are finding one! For every problem, there is a solution, and hardly people want answers and more sympathy.

Effect of Corona

This pandemic is a great thing you know why…reason it teaches us how we give time to our family, especially children. Have you thought when the last time you attended your kid’s school or bought her anything wholeheartedly? No, it always works and meeting daily household expenses, making the family happy, clearing EMIs, etc.

Fight against COVID 19

In such a scenario, It’s difficult to keep calm, but being panic also creates stress as you need immune power to fight it. Having a proper diet and not overeating helps you to maintain your weight. Regular walking not necessary outside but can also be done inside while talking on the phone or your terrace. Drinking plenty of water is mandatory for any disease and helps to have good skin texture.

Is it affecting the work front?

Yes, it is! Many are losing their jobs as they say the market is down business, not growing. Well, can anyone understand why people are not able to cope up? Its because they are used to a monotonous life? Like go to the office and back, and routine of having dinner mind is tired and stressed thinking of the next day. But now, this Covid helps you create time work from home, which some companies do provide and spend time doing other work.

Are jobs decreasing?

The market is the same. Business is slow but is not down. Ask me how –

1. When your household groceries finish, you go to market or order online right, now tell how those online or shops get stuff..from other sources right! Then how can you say things are not available?

2. It sector and networking if these are not there no companies can run without Google or Infosys, etc

3. Work from home is provided to all because cost-cutting can reduce the cost of conveyance and the bills generated using office premises.

4. Work is always there, no doubt, but as we go to office and action is readily available, so we don’t bother to search because we get paid for what is given. Now people doing freelance need to search for a job and do it finally wait for payment.

Income is sufficient at this time!

No, as a nuclear family can cut short their expenses by killing all their wants, but in a joint family, costs increase, not necessarily all would have a job. People who are running businesses do face losses in some sectors, but frankly, they are less affected as their money is intact for the future. It sounds a bit harsh, but the fact is no one wants to accept it. Weak people they too, suffer less as the government provides them free groceries to run the livelihood. Now comes the popular category. A massive list of things like EMIs, daily needs, rent, vehicle usage, etc. is one of the main things they need to cover. They work and get salary then due to COVID their pay is reduced to half or much lesser which they can hardly survive in that. Some are asked to work from home os their internet bill, electricity bill, the rest of the cost is not covered. Some companies do, but not all. 

Family atmosphere

Covid has created some good things like a bond in family same time drift too. The understanding and physical urge of a human creates more push. A woman who works the whole day for family getting no rest and ends of the day arguments and other stuff happens in every house. Its always said that if the problem is there always try to find the solutions. Then you will feel succeeded!

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