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<h1>Feature writer – Technique to be one</h1>

Feature writer – Technique to be one

In this writeup we will read about how to become a good Feature writer. A feature is different from that of a news story. A news story has two main components the lead and the body. A feature also has the third component, the conclusion or end. The information should consist of

1. An introduction to the subject the body

It should elaborate on it, and the conclusion should sum it up. The feature writer has incomparably higher adaptability than a news reporter.

2. The lead or the first paragraph of the feature

It is crucial; therefore, the feature writer has great latitude in selecting, and his lead choice is endless. The guidance may be any one of the following standards or a mixture of two or more than more of them.  The main goals of the lead paragraph are to attract the reader’s attention, hold it and make him read the feature.

3. The body feature writing

It is not very different from any other descriptive or narrative writing. The body of a feature article is developed logically. A feature should conform to the basic principles of goods writing that included unity currents and readability. However, future writers may have a more significant space at their disposal than a reporter. The feature writer can make even a simple and ordinary incident into a vital happening. The feature writer informs entities and educates.

4. The conclusion

A news report does not need an ending, but a feature often does.  It is not always the conclusion, maybe summing up the contents of a feature or a climax as in a short story or a cutback or a flashback to the lead. It can represent the structure of a feature.

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Types of feature

One human interest feature

The human touch is the essential quality in a feature.

Two personality features

The stories of eminent men and women are worth telling human interest in elements personalities. Whether living or dead is always great features can be written on their lives and work their achievements. Their unique contributions characters that would make excellent feature subjects include film actor Ashok Kumar etc.

Three features on unusual people

The world is full of ordinary persons whose extraordinary life can make a good feature. An example offers quality on a German cover here and mike’s friend whose chance encounter with the craftsmen. It may soon lead them to quit their farm jobs and create a little India in their hometown of man when chasing Germany.

Four travel features

Travel fascinates most people even though they may be prevented by lack of money or time from visiting as many places as they may want to. Travel features provide an essential human wish to understand more about the environment in which we reside.

Five interpretive features

They are meant to tell and direct the reader about the history and importance of the governmental, financial, cultural, and religious issues, such as behind faith Brahma Kumaris, which were with the Allah Sai Baba temple Ajmer Sharif. 

Six science feature features

To popularize science by explaining a scientific development in simple language for the leaders fall into the growths.

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