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<h1>Impact of COVID-19 – Mental Well-Being</h1>

Impact of COVID-19 – Mental Well-Being

The Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a Novel one found in this world, where no medicines are available to treat this infectious disease. It outbreaks took from Wuhan in China. Today, it has spread across the world like a pandemic from March 2020 and Impact of COVID-19 can be seen everywhere. The spread of the Novel Coronavirus has imposed a complete lockdown in many countries from the 2nd week of March 2020. It has affected human life financially, physically, and mentally. Here, we have discussed how this pandemic caused severe mental illness due to various social and economic reasons. Covid-19 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2, which has taken millions of lives in 1 year globally. Peoples are advised to follow COVID-19 protective measures, including taking vaccines and with this you can find other side of the coin is well.

Impact of COVID-19

Fear of Living  

People see in real-time the death caused due to Covid-19. Weather is with any of your family members, with your neighbors, and sees dead bodies unattended due to lack of funeral service providers. It has caused fear of living with adults and older adults mostly. Everyone was able to feel the smell of death as thousands of bodies were cremated daily. Moreover, the media and news channels show the global Impact of COVID-19. Everyone thought they might not live if proper healthcare facilities are not provided to them. The worst was the thought if they are dead, how their crops will be handled. Thus, the fear of living has affected mental health with all ages of people across the globe. 

Immobile due to Lockdown

People were immobile during the Lockdown and were unable to do any fitness activities. It has affected mentally those who go walking, jogging, swimming, and running daily in the morning and evening. Immobility has mentally affected obese people, chronic diseases, and fitness-conscious people mentally sick during the complete Lockdown. It has worsened their life, as they were not able to do any physical activities. A very few own home gym equipment. Others were unable to buy online. But still you can follow few health tips to keep yourself fit.   

Closed Mental Health Service Providers

Many people’s mental well-being has been affected as many mental health centers were closed during the pandemic. It has worsened mental health, as they were not able to get proper advice and consultation. It has affected people’s lives suffering from Alzheimer’s, mentally retired people, memory loss, and palliative care patients.

Suicidal Thoughts and Suicide Cases

Many of the families lost their loved ones due to COVID-19. It has made the loner people in a family end their life as they thought they would also die due to this pandemic outbreak. There were no businesses, jobs, and no income with people. It has also made them to suicide. Such reporting was in the age group of 25 to 50. Most of them lived with their daily wages or monthly income. Most of the thought it is better to end their lives instead of catching Coronavirus and dying due to respiratory suffocation.  

The mental well-being of everyone has affected during the COVICD-19 outbreak. The mentally sick people took extreme measures, as they did not get any mental counseling and this is a Others were living with depression, and they might try to suicide too if this prevailing pandemic worsens the living conditions. This is the major Impact of COVID-19.

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