Privacy Policy

The Online Privacy Policy of gives essential information about storage and collection and even the usage of individually attributable details. This Privacy policy is only applicable to the individually attributable information managed and collected by Writing-Counseling, Privacy Policy is placed, but it’s not appropriate to any other information gathered through offline mode or different ways by Writing-Counseling. Any beneficial information will be mentioned in Writing-Counseling’s Terms if it’s not quoted in this Privacy policy. 

Appeal for the registration information 

  • will only collect users who deliberately share their knowledge for the registration process. Writing-Counseling does not unknowingly gather User’s details such as name or address.  
  • Any details for the registration procedure will be the user’s choice. But, user’s details are essential to serving the services of the website. Writing-Counseling serves services such as accessing the participant’s assignments and writer’s services. There are many more specific characteristics of this website. 

Additional uses of individually attributable information 

  • Can also use the personal details of the users apart from the registration process. Such a thing only exists when users are requested to join surveys, subscribing newsletters, and inviting their friends to connect with
  • Can use the personal details privately with its affiliated companies, businesses, subsidiaries for the detailing of information with our Privacy Policy. We need other companies to follow our Privacy Policy. For instance,- Writing-Counseling can easily use personal details for your improvement in the project. This website uses the information for updates, announcements, and payment purposes.
  • Legal cases, Writing-Counseling can reserve your personal information if you agree with the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy follows all the legal rules and regulations and ensures the safety of the provided personal data by all the users, visitors, and third parties. 
  • The development of the website, Writing-Counseling can purchase businesses in upcoming years due to which your details can be revealed to the other companies too. As you are a part of this website and your information is shared, such transferring activities will be protected according to our Privacy Policy. At any point of time, you want your details to be removed permanently can also be done by just connecting us through [email protected].  

Impersonal recognizable information 

  • can use Impersonal identifiable information for the improvement of services which is offered to the users. 

Log Files and Cookies 

  • the computer may have a file named ‘Cookie.’ Cookies are the customized information provided from the website, which doesn’t consist of registration information. Your computer and browser have the setting to modify or accept cookies. Writing-Counseling also stores your internet protocol address. 
  • Beacons are one of the methods used by the website for tracking plans. Web beacons mean informative and crisp information ingrained in images on website pages. Writing-Counseling also uses this method to keep track of every user’s daily activities. Sharing of the data is also the part of this website which authorized third parties can also keep a record of events. We can gather all such information which is easily recognizable. 
  • Will double-check your identity before allowing you access for any profile modification. It’s your responsibility to preserve the password and other account details. 

Advertisers and other websites

  • enables advertising agencies to serve advertisements within site. The content of ads will be the collected information and text by the Writing-Counseling. Privacy Policy does not apply to the advertisers. Writing-Counseling will not monitor any advertiser’s activities. 
  • The Privacy Policy of Writing-Counseling is suitable for our website, not for other linked sites. 

Protection of data

  • utilizes affordable and beneficial technical methods to secure personally recognizable information. We cannot fully assure the security of data, so you share it on your own risk. If you share your data, WritingCounselling performs each beneficial action to secure the functioning of the system. But still, there is no assurance that your details will be not disclosed, used or ruined by our technical methods. 

Privacy of kids

  • will never collect information from individuals under the age of 13. If you are below the age of 13, then it’s a request not to visit our website and services for any purpose. Writing-Counseling has the right to remove the information collected by an individual under the age of 13 without any parental consent. 

Instruction for international users

  • website is presented in the United States. If you are Asian, European, etc. your personal information will be treated according to the U.S. laws, which can differ from your country rules and regulations. If you use our website that transmission of data is allowed by your end.

Valid date

  • has the right to modify the Privacy policy anytime without any restrictions. This Privacy Policy is effective from September 2014, and it can be changed.

Connecting the website

  • you have any queries related to the Privacy Policy of the Website. You should feel free to knock us on [email protected]