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<h1>Content Writing with SEO</h1>

Content Writing with SEO

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Freelance Content Writing is responsible for covering a huge spectrum. There are varieties of writing styles, which you may do to make money, such as case studies, ebook writing, white papers, SEO article writing, social media writing, and infographic writing, and so on. However, based on my personal experience, I can say that SEO Content Writing is an excellent niche to start for a newbie in the freelance content writing sector.

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    SEO Content Writing Always Stays in Demand

    Regardless of the type of online business i.e., an e-commerce store or a regular one, content writers have always remained in huge demand in the industry. This is because; content marketing is a type of marketing that needs both the creation and sharing of valuable media and published blogs/articles to approach customers. This will include everything, whether it is white papers, web contents, videos, and case studies. The reason for this is that most of the companies have shifted to perform sales via online sites instead of choosing for direct sales. Besides, most of the tech lover consumers look for upfront information before making any purchase. Because of this, many people perform web research before they make any purchase. If I talk about my clients, I have found the demand for sales copy, web copy, infographics, and blog posts have increased drastically during the last few years.

    Do Not Need the Experience to Start the Job

    If I compare SEO content writing with any other niche, you will find that other niches need a few years of experience and defined skills set to start the job. However, you may easily start SEO content tasks with zero experience (like my case). Based on my good command of English language, ability to learn and understand new things, and strong research skills, I have started my career in SEO writing and, later on, succeeded in earning a good amount of money during the last few years. Moreover, once I started writing, I also get knowledge of different fields, such as medical, technology, business, personalities, and many more.

    Scope to Earn Money from Paid Websites

    Other than providing writing solutions for my regular clients, I regularly write content for large numbers of payable websites available over the internet. Indeed, this gives me an additional source to earn money, and that too once the website approves my written content. What would be better than getting extra income and that too without waiting for the month-end?

    However, before registering yourself for any of the mentioned websites, you should make sure to possess enough writing skills, as reputed websites blog your account if you fail to produce quality content. Alternatively, a few other websites mandate you to clear some basic English test. Hence, while giving a test, you should make sure to follow the necessary rules to qualify yourself at the first attempt only. 

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