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<h1>SEO knowledge – A Writer Must Know</h1>

SEO knowledge – A Writer Must Know


The way to progress in an internet-based industry needs a deep understanding of SEO. As a freelance writer, SEO is an asset that one must know in detail. Learning all of these might be hard but is finally essential.

Following are listed twelve SEO-relevant words that you should know.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

SEO relates to any activities conducted for the specific goal of enhancing a website’s ranking. When said keywords are explored in search engines, the relevant pages are ranked in order of relevance. Search engine marketing or SEM relates to the website that is marketed for search engines. One such way includes the performance of paid ads or funding for clicks.

On-page and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO relates to activities conducted on all page perspectives to enhance a site’s ranking. These are done on the site’s URL, content, links, meta tags, and other authentic page details. Off-page SEO has to do with the activities done outside of the page. It mainly comprises generating backlinks in different areas that direct guide back to the site.


It is the page that appears after a search engine is used. It posts all the outcomes that associate with the search word. There are various pages ranked by the search engine based on significance. Each search engine has particular algorithms to manage a site’s relevancy.

Search Engine in SEO

Some of the more current search engines; Google, Yahoo!, etc. All have different algorithms through which it directs pages, but there are several standard parameters overall. These are software, normally internet-based, to search the internet based on a word to locate relevant posts, pages, videos, pictures, etc. 

Domain name for Good SEO

The domain name is the different internet address of a website; writing or clicking will drive to a particular website. Keep in mind that this is separate from a web page. Domain names have to be bought, and no two websites can have identical ones. They have to be renewed after expiry.

Keyword and their density

Keyword density applies many times when a keyword is utilized in an article. A high keyword density helps to concentrate on the subject matter and indeed influences SEO. A keyword isn’t certainly a single word; it is often a combination of words. It is applied to imply the essence of an article. Keywords are required with a substantial determinant of how search engines locate web pages.

Link building and Backlinks

It is an example in which a link to a particular site is set on another site. Backlinks assist in improving a website’s search engine ranking. Link building is a mixture of the methods tried to obtain more backlinks. It is a critical phase of enhancing a website’s SEO.

Anchor Text

It is the text that a link connects to; clicking this text will guide you to a destination website. Websites utilize anchor texts to link content to other web pages for citations, sales, cross-promotion, and more. Anchor texts typically show underlined and highlighted in blue.

Meta tags

It is divided into the meta keywords and the meta descriptions. The data set here shows search engines essential information about a page. They significantly affect a page’s search engine ranking.

Meta description

The short description of a web page is posted straight below the title. Search engines determine what pages to reveal and rank them based on the search word related to the phrases.

Meta Keywords

The owner of pages has access to the meta keywords list and can set keywords associated with the site. It is meant for search engines. They are no longer a vital determinant, but it still deserves it to place them.

Long Tail Keyword

Keywords are placed to essential terms most likely for users to search. Long-tail keywords are those purposely set to less often used research terms. To create a website differently, they are more inclined to discover these sites when researching these particular words.

It might be more practical to reach an SEO organization. Knowledge of these words will have an amateur in the discussion.


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